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05/15/12 10:30 AM #1    

Lisa Ann Koenigs

Welcome to the Menomonee Falls East High School Class Of 1982 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/27/12 05:54 PM #2    

Lisa Ann Koenigs

Volunteers needed!  Please take a look at the "Volunteer!" section and jump right in.  Creativity welcome. 


05/28/12 09:33 PM #3    

Kristen Hubele (Dwyer)

Did you post a link on the Menomonee Falls High School Website?  there is an alumni page on the left hand side of the window for both East and North Alumni

05/29/12 08:22 AM #4    

Lisa Ann Koenigs

Hi Kristen,

No, I didn't know that existed.  I have a link for our class reunion on the school district page, but not on our high school page.  Thanks for the tip!  If you think of other ways we can promote our reunion and find our classmates, I am all ears!


07/25/12 09:03 AM #5    

Judith Lemberger (Kosma)

Hi Lisa,

I happened upon this information by may be beneficial to add this link to the Message Board; there is no reunion information on that site.  I'm so happy you two have taken this on!

Judy (Lemberger) Kosma


08/14/12 05:30 PM #6    


Jodi Vriesman (Roessler)

Hello Lisa, and everyone.

It would be a great idea for those who have post it as an event on their Facebook pages.  That way more people will hear about it.  I just found out today..and time is ticking. :)

Jodi Vriesman Roessler


08/15/12 10:46 AM #7    

Sherry Brocklehurst (Talbot)

Hi Jodi,

There is a Class of '82 Reunion page on facebook:!/groups/185787151523110/

I think that's a great idea to add the event to that page!

09/07/12 07:15 PM #8    

Peggy Smith (McMahon)

I would like to pose a thought for the entertainment planners...I have been to all of the reunions for the class of 81.  We have found that people want to talk and reconnect.  A few reunions back, it was nice outside and 1/2 the people ended up outside so they could talk as the DJ was too loud.  They haven't had one since.  Save the money...skip the DJ!

09/23/12 11:15 AM #9    

Linda Schneider

Hello All,

  I have not attended a class reunion since the 10th reunion.  I will not be able to attend this year either, I just found out about it and it is too late to make schedule changes.  I hope all works out well for you.  Hopefully I will see you all someday again.

Linda Schneider

10/07/12 05:51 PM #10    

Michael Burkwald

thanks to all the titans who attended the reunion, i thought it was very fun and thanks to lisa for putting all together! it was a little late for this old guy though:-)


10/07/12 10:04 PM #11    

John Potnek

Hear hear!  (or here here!) ( I read a lot but I'm not a good speller)


Well said Mike... Thank you Lisa! It was wonderful!


And Mike, thanks for such a nice toast and acknowledgement of Lisa's hard work.

10/08/12 05:01 PM #12    

Jean Miller (Frioui)

Just want to say thank you to Lisa for putting the reunion together.... This was my first reunion and hopefully it wont be my last... It was awesome meeting and catching up with old friends.....


Jean Frioui (Miller)

10/08/12 09:37 PM #13    

Lisa Ann Koenigs

I had such an amazing time with you guys.  Thank you SO much for making our reunion.  Let's not wait so long for the next one, okay? 




10/08/12 09:42 PM #14    

Thomas Paulsen (Paulsen)

Thanks Lisa for all your effort and to all those helping to put the reunion together. Great to see everyone! Sunday morning was a different matter, though. 

10/09/12 10:09 AM #15    

Kelly Lundwall (Faust)

We also want to thank Lisa for all her hard work of putting this reunion together.  Mike and I had a GREAT time catching up with everyone~!   Hopefully we will run into you before the next reunion ......

Take care~ Mike & Kelly

10/13/12 01:42 PM #16    

Richard Dunaj

Job well done Lisa! This was an awesome time... that lasted until... 5AM! Closed the hall...then the bar... then off to the after bar party at the Peggy - Kurt household!

Unfortunately were getting to that age..the age in which we were considererd old when we were young!  Lets not wait 10 years... I'll lend a hand Lisa! ;D


Mary? ahhh Mary? Where are you... hahahaha


11/21/12 02:42 PM #17    

Mary Schleicher

Sure wish I could have made it this year. Haven't missed a reunion yet. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Lisa, count me in for the next planning session. I love to be the forever party planner and hate missing a good party. Lets hear it for "35" . . . YIKES and GULP. cool

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