Oh boy, do we need volunteers!


Classmate Committee (the most important team!)

We are especially interested in at least locating all of our classmates.  Maybe they can make it or maybe they can't.  But we want everyone to have ample opportunity to attend our reunion.  That means we have to find them!  Sherry Brocklehurst Talbot is heading up the Classmate Committee.  Please volunteer with Sherry at

<a href="mailto:kstalbot2000@yahoo.com">Send email</a>


Decorations Committee

Help us decorate the hall with all kinds of fun things from 1979 - 1982.  We could use a leader for this group.  Also good for those with artistic abilities.

<a href="mailto:lisa.ann.koenigs@gmail.com">Send email</a>


Media Committee

Help us create a couple of different multi-media presentations.  We will help you acquire whatever presentation equipment is needed, including music, speakers, projector, etc.  A leader with good computer skills would be useful.  We also need someone on the team who has skills and time for a little scanning. 

<a href="mailto:lisa.ann.koenigs@gmail.com">Send email</a>


Entertainment Committee 

This team will help choose and hire the DJ, set the schedule and help oversee the reunion.  This group will help set the food menu as well.  

<a href="mailto:lisa.ann.koenigs@gmail.com">Send email</a>


Event Staffing Committee

All events need a little help.  The leader of this team will help acquire and deploy volunteer staff during the reunion events.  We also need worker bees to man tables, etc..  So is anyone volunteering their very-helpful-teenagers or young adults?  :)

<a href="mailto:lisa.ann.koenigs@gmail.com">Send email</a>


Thank you in advance for your volunteerism.  You rock!